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Am I the future ….?

It occurred to me as I was on the transit bus from terminal to plane on my second flight of the day, fourth of the week, transferring a picture from my K750i over Bluetooth to my M5000 so that I could attach it to my go@blogger mail so that the picture gets posted at the same time as my comments (as opposed to this address which is text only) while rocking out to a GOD DAMN good track (by Queens of the stone Age – Better Living Through Chemistry) that I am fed up with being told I am not representative, not a market segment (ffs I ask you) and that what I do as a techie/geek/business man (please anyone that knows me tell me I am not a business man) is not something that bears any relevance to our established marketing segments that have been defined through an extensive programme of market research (read 100’s K €) – well frack me I must be a segment of one then – oh hang on I think not (Imran/Mark/Ian/Marc/etc)Regardless of what the overpaid frackers in MR say there are things I did three years ago that are mass market accepted now, stop looking at what our customers do now and think for one minute about what they might be doing a year from now!!

I got a new, improved. Latest. Market analysis trend ppt the other day, what a complete load of tosh, to me at least, ok so it’s a few thousand interviews but I don’t buy it, feel free to tell me I am wrong but that’s the point of this post, I intend to refer back regardless of what anyone may or may not say now – if I’m wrong then fair enough but right now I don’t give a frack (yes I know….)

Oh and I am doing everything I possibly can to make sure that the VIP project I am on recognises this, no more adhering to old, outdated process and procedure, I’m told we have carte blanche and I intend to make damn sure I make the absolute most of it, no politics, don’t want to play? – fine frack off, not sure if you’re market segment fits with ours (ours is everybody btw) – fine frack off, want to insist we use your ‘group approved solution’ even though it’s substandard and crap, frack off – you get the picture

If I’m wrong I’ll eat humble pie later on or call an end to my almost 16 years in Orange, in fact is this doesn’t work out then I’m off regardless – too much process/crap/process/politics/process/empire building/process/empire protecting/process/pet projects/did I mention process!?

p.s. In case you didn’t guess I am kind of pissed (in the American sense) at the moment and not entirely sure why, usually a bad sign…..I’m getting old and grumpy I guess