ETel: Behold the Phone! – Channeling this powerful medium

First workshop of Etel 2006I decided to see what this session was about, the title made it sound interesting.The reality was that it was a sales pitch for Tellme on how to build an engaging IVR experience.

The general pitch was that current IVR systems are really bad, backed up at one point by a funny Simpsons clip and lots of audio clip examples. Given the level of Branding Orange has and the experience we have with IVR it’s a dissapointing start for me, converted, preaching anyone? Really really nothing new to me/Orange here, and if there is something new to anyone else here then perhaps we really are way ahead and deserve the many awards we get for Customer Service?

Session moved on to personalisation and voiceblogging, there is something nice here after all, good stuff, cutesy one of the presenters daughter doing a voiceblog entry, I can see this being good for my daughter and friends and let the folks hear it.

A good end to what was shaping up to be a corporate sell of admittedly well crafted IVR solutions

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