ETel: VC Fireside Chat for Emerging Entrepreneurs

First session after lunch is VC Fireside Chat for Emerging EntrepreneursHosted by Steve Tomlin who tells us doesn’t want it to be boring so please give it back if not interesting, quick show of hands on who is who in the crowd, 50% entrepreneurs, very few corpsmen like me..

What is a hack – a few definitions – all of which if true proves there are no hacks in FT

The Autodesk File given as an example of what to actually do.

Next up a history of Bloglines and how it happened, what is now a familiar story of many new web2.0 success’s Flickr given as example again, they had many options but in the end chose Yahoo! read a lot about this too previously of course.

Example given of people building a startup that filled a gap in a big company product line like Cisco with the single aim of getting bought out – no surprise there then!

A lot of the advice here should be heeded by product managers in FT, for example sell your product in 5 mins or less of speech and with no powerpoint. Virus or anti-biotics test – apply to all our innovations, in fact it would be such fun to get some VC guys in to FT and let them apply their selection techniques to entire project portfolio right now….. One guy gives Skype as an example as having 50 million downloads……..more like 241,891, 389 to be precise…. We end with a bit of Q&A:

  • is it possible to be open source and get VC funding still
  • is VC presence at this event a sign of backing of more emerging tech
  • VC says doesn’t want to put money in because startup is expecting users to change their behaviour

If you can’t get a yes find a soccer mum, god the Yanks like that scenario, we had one in the Music Lounge project!

Another ref to Guy Kawasaki, must read the book…

we close with a tale about Phoenix Bios, wont go into here but fun nonetheless.

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