ETel: Day 1

Nat & Surj do the hello and give a view to what the conference is about – and it’s about Peers…
Devices getting smaller, now collectors items and museums are happy to get them.
next 20 years more change than the previous 200, children who have always used a computer but never plugged one in, they have no concept of a network…
Main change mech in big companies is Managers getting out of the way…
Nice skit of BT labs 40 years ago and an example of Videoconferencing as predicted then, crap then and crap now !
then another from 15 years ago where the people meeting are not real, virtual people in a real room…
Vid conf only works with emotional touchpoints..
Positioning >> comms
Podcasts >> TV & Radio
Home creativity >> Office creativity
and more
2015 buy an iPod capable of storing every piece of music ever created – will it be preloaded though!
and 10 years later every movie
Paradigm changes , he reckons the control goes out to the terminal, not the network
Everything becomes a commodity and telco days are over, i.e. we will just be a Bit Pipe
The dream is seamless connectivity
Converge everything in to one device but this leads to the swiss army knife syndrome, I agree, not everything but very much some things
he claims there is no such thing as convergence at all….
Big Growth area in mobiule:
  • gambling
  • ringtones
  • wallet
  • pic sharing
  • music sharing
  • movie sharing

Using the old way of lookng at spectrum is killing us, spread spectrum is required

Next up RFID in every EPOS and bingo every EPOS becomes a wifi hotspot

GPS in every phone in Japan next year by law

Nano-Gyros for inertial navigation

If time = Money then so does location and therefore positioning will be bigger than communications

All stuff on his website as in ppt etc

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