ETel: Design and Usability for Emerging Telephony

Design and Usability for Emerging Telephony

B.J. Fogg then intros YackPack but also runs a lab, one thing looking at the physcological experience of interacting with devices.

He starts off with a story of getting into a huge crash and his first reaction was “ctrl-z” – draws a laugh – too much time on a PC? video skit of Bongo getting bugged by his PC, usual stuff, updates, real player messages etc – I can see where this is going but this is getting some laughs – there was a session like this at ETech 2005 I recall – should google for it but hey..

Affordances will come up, attention windows etc but he is right…cost versus benefit diagram:

frustration > satisfaction > delight

Goes through a demo of YackPack which is cool, web based voice comms, usual web2.0 stuff, nice use of design, reminds me of the Odeo implementation of in browser sound capability, they listened to the users, taking out features until it ends up breing simple – an important lesson we haven’t learned yet.

Next with Brian McConnell who spins about how we all carry phones that are small computers, getting complex and the need for UI

Onto a summary of problems with developing for new smartphones, screen, CPU etc etc, tales of new phones stuffed with features that aren’t needed – I’m not getting anything new so far……..

telling the tale of why applications developers should be made to run an obstacle course while doing it and therefore look to multimodal – let’s see where this goes, we’ve done a lot of this before, is there going to be anything new?

never neglect voice – of course, quip on Beach Wreckognition, native apps and applets

erm – the answer is no, nothing new – wait RESTful telephone queries, maybe something there?

Roberto Tagliabue moves on with the session “designing product for the future is not a simple question of making two-way technology go faster, last longer, weigh less and do more” and spins the tale of how SMS came about and why it is different from MMS and how MMS is an overcomplication of SMS, can’t agree more…

A good speil on design and usability, slide that catches my eye is one on evolution of devices, onto “Dominant Ecosystems” again a good slide, must try and get them….

moves onto using “scenarios” and then “days of our lives” which are good to understand how a service may be used – been doing this for a long time to be fair but nice to see, very clean presentation, reminds me of OLAF

We move to a Q&A session.

(Would be fun to ask this panel’s opinion on OMSE I think)

  • How hard to work with voice, microphone is a problem, length of clip (6 minutes)
  • a woman steps up to say she doesn’t want to give buddy list to YackPack and also can’t be bothered
    • this leads to an open discussion on privacy and who you can give the details to etc
  • why dont we have ‘cytone’ in mobile phones, helps stop people shouting in public – guy seemed annoyed about it but I think it’s cultural – PTT anyone?
  • is usability based on user self image? – we go deeper, not sure an open mic style of question
  • have the panel looked into people who want to ‘trick out’ their phones and are dissapointed by lack of open interfaces
    • BJ responds that more people want phones that just make calls – simple phone anyone?

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