ETel: Lightning Presentations- Three of the Best (in our opinion) get five minutes of fame

Lightning Presentations- Three of the Best (in our opinion)
Round 1
First up RadioHandi – I tried this last night and it didn’t work, the tagline is “the party line for planet earth”
Basically it’s group voice conf on any device, built using Gizmo project, Voice2.0 app, built using open standards telephony, open syndication , RSS etc bit of repetition but reasonable pitch
Round 2
Next up – Amsoft Systems – context aware telephony – the problem is too many id’ and email, if I give a mobile number is giving away privacy because you can be called anytime, the last thing is that things change, he is leading up to a virtual assistant, orange helper anyone, they call it cell-ebrate, they give you one unique abstract id.
One stand out is the Expiry control so you can drop a contact easily if you dont want to talk to them – need to see these guys
Round 3
Casabi – digital telephony isn’t just cheaper minutes but they believe the true value is.
The concept is they bring the web (content and services) to any web enabled phone in your home, they put IM, mail etc etc etc etc etc on your ‘homephone’ and I expect they don’t mean the phones that 99% of people have though…
Personlise phone, get it to tell you the weather, I’m not getting this at all but he is running it quick
As expected you have to replace all your handsets in your house and by the look of it a router too?
Round 4
Trouble getting going, there is a need to do this better, why they dont have a PC that is all set and get stuff on USB or whatever, or even lets get W-USB going
Anywho – they built a thing called FreeSWITCH, built on lots of existing things like Apache etc
seems like they have built an abstraction layer on top of Asterisk, I guess they are trying to make Asterisk easier to use which is funny to me as the room is full of geeks who LOVE Asterisk.
Supports lots of comms protocal including H.263, SIP, providing lots of mods

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