ETel: Skypenomics for developers

This session run by Phil Wolf

Opens with who is tired of hearing about Skype, big cheers, who has downloaded it (about half) how many used in the last month (most of them)

He is from SkypeJournal, not affiliated but can use the name, quick run down what Skype is, how big etc, how it works

Remember Skype is Small, very small

Big laugh for why they sold the company, on screen is $4,200,000,000

eBay sale has given them the ability to get some much needed capital in, management expertise, product management, transition from Garageband to Corporation

he keeps saying it’s all about the sex and will get to that which draws a few chuckles

fairly dry, this guy is struggling on stage but we can’t all be like Cochrane….

he closes with a call to arms on activism which gets a couple of hoots

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