ETel: Voxeo product launch

First guy to ever hack drivers for getting large storage onto personal computers, guy is giving his credo for what a great hacker and internet pioneer he was, he gave clients discount for using email.

“computer telephony sucks”

he built up a solution called ipost and he sold it to Ericsson, Motorola etc

so after the bio is over we get to find out what Voxeo actually is – make any app on a phone, they provide a development environment for free for anyone .. then they give you a hosting environment.. after a company pitch we get to the juice

Prophecy – XML telephony application platform – enables rapid VOIP and speech application creation, integration and deployment

Big clap – and onto the demo – ropey TTS but not too bad, now we have Beavis & Butthead skit done for MTV, chuckle chuckle

Now onto Apptera for health care, prescription refill order system by voice – good marketing speech


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