ETel: Yahoo! and emerging telephony

This session was run by Jeff Bonforte

Came into session late due to previous emergency, as I come in I see and hear Voice 1.0, 2.0 , 3.0 talk and Jeff is telling us he wants to live in 3.0, no surprise there. Telcos dont want to go to Voice2.0.

More rotary phones in USA than have Vonage phones and still paying to rent them…

Talks of the monthly bill and voice bundles, recent stats from our strategy team tell us this is stretching ARPU up in USA so it’s working, why change?

Yahoo! wants to be voice & data and build voice apps, not focusing on Voice2.0 or PSTN replacement

on to speech recognition, misspell rekognize on Y! search u get asked “did you mean” , same as Google of course

The advantage we have is that we are “one of the two top searcg engines in the world” did he mean to say “we are the second largest search engine in the world”

posits the argument that the strength they have is using the 10s millions searches to refine voice apps by determining the right answer to a question that is asked a million different ways, not sure..


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