ETel: Afternoon session round up

Making the Call- Developers as Innovators
Nothing new but missed most of it as chatting to FON

PayPal Calling – Micropayments For the New Telephony Space
talking about the vending machine that I have actually used in the Nokia labs !

but it didn’t work so well but eBay did in the end ! and now they have 96 million accounts and the vast majority through eBay

Convenience wallet is the key to ease, and is secure, now have LOTS of customers

Digital content sales driven by mobile / music

2005 $1.1B and a report shows it will be lots more by 2009 but missed it

so what are they proposing? – pay per ringtone , pay per avatar, voice services including 411 (directory services) and pay per voicemail and finally they ref infobots

Zeroconf and VoIP

Stuart Cheshire from Apple

IETF zeroconf working group

  • link-local addressing
  • multicast DNS

communications as easy as USB but over any IP (or IPv6) tech

Offers it as an inter office system replacement for phones etc, cross platform, API open, in every printer for last two years

We move on to the remote azterisk remote dial servivce which holds nothing for me right now as I’m still not sure about the relative merits for Orange of all this

I also just got showed photgraphic proof of my attendance at ETel

Building Mobile Applications with Mobile Open Source Fabrizio Capobianco

too much device variety, MSFT and RIM are not going to address the bulk of the market therefore open standards are the way forward.

support open standards, like SyncML, they rely on having the worlds largest QA team in order to approach complete compatibility

what is the open mobile source platform?

  • email
  • PIM
  • Data
  • Management

Funambol connectors to plug in to your back end for pretty much anything they claim, get data from any backend, stick on Funambol server and hook up a device!

  • Broader range of devices
  • lower TCO
  • huge community
  • greater innovation from more eyes on problem
  • many commercial business have proven dual licensing business model

Lightning Talks: Five of the Best Have Their Five Minutes of Fame

First up Socialight – I signed up for this back on 30th Nov on a recommendation from Wim

YackPack – B J Fogg, Stanford – already blogged here LiveJournal – Brad Fitzpatrick and Artur Bergman – they want to interop with everyone and get more traffice and posts Aeria – Christopher Ngan

3D VoIP Codec, Rudy Mathieu, Diamondware Ltd – this guy did not show, Surj gave an overview of it, visual representation of conf calls so you can see who is talking etc.


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