ETel: British Telecom 21st Century Network

British Telecom 21st Century Network Jean-Marc Frangos
Quick overview of BT and corporate history, how they are first incumbent MVNO
21CN is all about modularity and is defining a large set of blocks that they intent to open up to the developer community
It is also about enabling ‘fabless’ voice service providers which leads to an interesting point “who is going to be picked by the new range of voice SP” and how will those decisions be made, on range of choice or by being best at one thing?
BT wants to be the best in class 3rd party programme, they are planning to externalise all assetts through API, authentication, billing, diagnostics, app hosting, CSR interface and hopes that by doing this they will enable innovative applictions to be created in a seamless way, if they really do this and we don’t then we have a big problem

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