ETel: Digium and lessons learned

DigiumMark Spencer

He invented Asterisk and now CEO of a company that makes hardware for it.

Surj thanks the bloggers – guess that includes me

he goes through why it’s a boring utilisation of VoIP and wants to move on

“The Event”

tells a tale of people getting messages to call a number, they reroute the calls to a girls phone and she gets hundreds of calls but they have no clue why? what is the mysterious 6062 extension, an internal testing extension, with a really fun message about being so far down the line you should hang up, play with the kids etc!

funny and worth a clap and then it turns out it’s a worm/meme who just wanted to have fun but it killed them on traffic, so they switched on the VoIP routed traffic and it solved the problem without a noticeable drop in voice quality.

He runs out of things to say to opens up to questions “they dont allow questions here” shouts someone but Surj caves and allows a question….

In the end he plays a very funny spam clip for Asterisk that gets a shit load of laughs and claps and wooo hooos etc but it was funny !

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