ETel: Google, Gaim and Voice

Google Gaim and Voice Sean Egan
Quick overview of GAIM capability and history which started out as a project for Mark Spencer to learn the GTK+ library
Libgaim allows people to create a new UI as required, note that Meebo is based on the libgaim library.
On to Google Talk , and another overview, XMPP based, federated servers etc
Now on to Voice over IM, not really a used feature, typically very speciallised to the protocol being used
Gaim-vv (voice/video) and it’s a friendly fork but now merged, little progress made though
Farsight is another effort for voice over IM, depends on GStreamer which is an open-source audio streaming framework, modules for MSN and Y! webcams
Libjingle is the Google talk clients source code for connecting to an XMPP server, Written in C++, Licensed under a BSD license and now we move on to the ‘nerdy’ bit some updates coming, reliability and fixes it seems mostly and then he give some closing views which are:
  • multi protocol a pain
  • standards are good
  • open source is better

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