ETel: Open Directories and Gizmo

Open Directories and GizmoMichael Robertson

Yes he is the Lindows and mp3 guy but he is going to talk about his other company called Siphone.

He is pleased that all devices work with mp3 and that’s a good result of selling so he looked at doing this with VoIP, why don’t big companies adopt open standards – duh!

His vision is that he will enable the geek nirvana, plug a phone in anywhere and get to talk to anyone on the planet, all phones have wifi, all routers have a phone jack

65% soft clients and 35% hardware based (may have heard that wrong)

GUPS hooks up all university systems so calls between campus’s are free, they also do IM on XMPP and they peer with Google Talk too allows you to stick a phone in a router and get connected

skype is kicking there ass (he asks can i say that) but they are proprietory, his is all open standards – I did use it for a while but only had Ian pringle on my contact list so dropped it… they are trying now to open it up so you can add more people (this gets a clap)

  • skype gets an F
  • Y! MSN AIM gets a D (they only open when it makes business sense)
  • Google talk gets an A (libjingle, open etc)

What areas need work?

  • standards based NAT/FW traversal that really works
  • codecs (most people use GIPS)
  • address book standard

something we should honour in Cycom..

He hopes the power of the open-source community will pressure MSN et al to change


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