ETel: The VoIP declaration of Independence

The VoIP Declaration of Independence Rick Ringel
Who is Inter-tel and I have to ask yes who are they !
From the website:
Inter-Tel offers voice and data communications solutions for customers of all sizes, whether you are a large enterprise, small to medium business, or have residential home-based business needs. Inter-Tel’s diverse product line includes network communications solutions based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, converged (IP PBX) platforms and IP-centric systems. Scalable deployment and migration opportunities enable our customers to grow and adapt their communications portfolio as their business needs change. Additionally, Inter-Tel’s belief in open, non-proprietary standards, such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), IEEE wireless and ITU voice standards, and more, helps protect your communications investments as technology changes. Most importantly, Inter-Tel recognizes that the true value in business communications is software applications that improve business processes and connect all the departments and resources of your organization into a single, cohesive unit.
He does a nice skit of changing some words in the original declaration of independence to suit VoIP etc – identity, mobility and the pursuit of innovation”
He then goes through each of these and explains why, it’s a good presentation.
the wrap up is
  • there will be conflict
  • there will be compromise

He close with a pledge that no-one engages in:

we mutually pledge to each other our Vision, our standards, and our…..

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