ETel: Exec Summary

Thought I ought to summarise, wrap it up etc.

Overall I thought it was an excellent conference, especially a it was the first time it had been run, why did I like it? because it had a good atmosphere, it lacked pretensions, it had humour and it had just enough pure geekery to make you smile rather than retch..

Considering we were surrounded by people out to wreck and subvery our business models, or more specifically US telco models, we were very well recieved, this had a lot to do with Norman Lewis’s speech but equally the team we had there gave across a consistent messge and constantly engaged people in open discussions, quite often the other party were quite mystified by us I think because we didn’t act or talk like a typical telco.

I figured I’d do some mini awards in a slightly irreverent fasion to suit the general mood of the conf.

Best Service

YackPack which is a very well crafted web2.0 service, invite me to a pack at my mail to the right, it was also the most complete really

Best Presenter

Brian Capouch was way ahead, he really engaged me, more than Cochrane even though Cochrane’s material was more my thing

Best Hack

Has to be the Jabphone from the Poly9 guys, lot’s of hype but well deserved in this case, I chatted to them for a while and they are just really genuine guys, I want to get a M600 in their hands and see what they can do, I bet I don’t get to do that though.

Best Meal

Probably the curry we had on the final night there at a place called Chutney, recommended by Surj and very good it was too!

Best Drink

Guinness – nuff said except the hotel ran out of it completely on Wednesday night, vastly underestimating a the geek/hacker love of the black stuff

Was it a useful thing to attend, yes I believe it was, if for no other reason than to see BT up on stage promising to be even more open than we admitted to, and we are not presenting a signed off vision for the company unlike the BT guy but rather a shared vision across the research teams of Home & Personal that we are trying to deliver through some projects we are running.

Also made some good contacts and met some very bright people, NDAs are going out, proposals for trials and possibly the very first FON mesh network in the UK, but there is some doubt about that now I think

Do I want to attend next year, yes I do and I’d liek to speak, and be speaking about the wonderful new platform we have available to developers but let’s see about that, after all it’s only a year away …..

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