ETel: The Return & iPass

The conf is over, the travel back is half way through, the flight from SFO to AMS was uneventful apart from being way too hot to sleep which is a pain as exhausted now but daren’t go to sleep in case miss next flight.
To be fair I’ve been in the lounge here for almost 6 hours and still have 3 to go so maybe should have had a kip earlier but one reason why not is I have free WiFi access again thanks to iPass. Since I updated the phonebook it’s free WiFi all over baby !
What bug me is I have a newly built laptop and that means the iPass client comes with a 3 year old phonebook and so the WiFi isn’t there…. I wonder how much extra that costs Orange for everyone that doesn’t even know that they have free wifi in a lot of places, for some reason not in France, you’d think that was an obvious one but I’m guessing whoever did the deal in the UK for iPass a long time ago hasn’t had any luck getting Orange France to sign up, or maybe it’s up to iPass !? I don’t know but in this instance I do care as that would really help
Hey Ho, my flight is on the board at least now, may do some more posts or may have a snooze as I am dead on my feet, my back is killing me, knee, wrists etc etc – what an easy life I lead….

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