Tracking Web2.0

there are a lot of people doing it, I like this page edited by Michael Arrington, I’ve started reading his blog lately and like his style, I’d like to think it’s like mine or prob the other way round of course.

I have a proffessional interest in new web2.0 / ajax services of which there is an ever increasing number, what’s important to me is that most start of a bit flunky but as users grow and feedback then they improve rapidly, or in some cases don’t and then die. To me it’s the ability to react quickly to feedback and use it positively that marks a good company, small or big. I am all too used to the inefficiencies of a big company that just can not do this, it seems the only way to get a product to market is to endlessly powerpoint > user test >refine powerpoint > user test > .. > .. > 150 page spec > review spec > 250 page spec > review spec > .. > .. > negotiate contract to build > re-negotiate > 18 months later start building it

anyway you get the point, it hits market waaay after everyone else has moved on past what the original product was supposed to be.

I also hear and see and experience lots of excitement about how we need to innovate quicker and get to market quicker but it’s all talk, the dog can’t learn a new trick, the tanker can’t turn that quick, the dinosaur can’t evolve etc

I see a lot of promise in what we could do when I go to a conference like Etel and so there is a natural backwash of angst when I get back to the ‘real’ world…..


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