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The main sponsor ‘Adobe’ gets a slot to push Flex 2 (in beta)

AJAX and Flex – shared web2.0 themes – engaging UE – seperation of UI and data (RSS, public API, open data formats)

an AJAX programmer can switch to Flex easily

key point – allows easy offline and online working ! better multimedia functions

seamless experience across browsers, OS and devices (including increasingly mobile devices)

We have started looking at Flex in the Cycom project and after this session need to investigate more

98% of connected PC’s have Flash installed !

and now the science bit


he now does a demo of how he built a version of Flickr in a morning, and shows real time message collaboration and picture sharing built within the app, quite stunning..

you can now also ‘view source’ and see all the code that built the app that you are looking at, cool

we got given a cd with all the tools on it so will give it a try at home

check out their Labs page

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  1. Nick on

    We’re using Flex on Pikeo and whilst it’s good… it’s not all that for everything. Be very clear about what you want and it’s great. A bit like j2ee, if you do what it’;s good at everything is easy and damn quick, going off piste is a bit more fun however.

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