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Cal Henderson from Flickr

Architect at Flickr – he’s very web2.0 cool as he wears shorts and it’s not that warm in here or outside

10 reasons to love web2.0

  1. Collaboration
  2. Aggregation
  3. Open APIs
  4. Clean URLs
  5. AJAX
  6. Unicode
  7. Desktop Integration
  8. Mobile
  9. Open Data
  10. Open Content

It’s Flickr’s 2nd birthday in SF with free cake for anyone that can come – first geek laugh of the day

he’s not the most confident speaker, lot’s of ‘er’ ‘er’ repeating some of the things Joshua stated about user behaviour etc, generating passionate users

bit of Flickr history and how they built a MMOG and then used the same tech to build Flickr

collaborative metadata and aggregation of views like latest photos from everyone etc etc

he means web services API, REST, SOAP etc but one ‘naive’ programmer once told him that all programs have an API – duh!

start off with a read only API but open it all up but then once you understand what is happening you can go for write API as well, it allows other people to build their own UI and Flickr is just storage, latest app built is Fastr

some idiot in front of me is busily uploading to Flickr so he can be cool and get piccies in the pool first, don’t worry about the slow bandwidth or requests not to do this

interesting note, he types in a URL from memory and have in the past removed the actual link to the page from the site, be careful

AJAX is possibly the worst product name ever – 2nd GL the other worst is XMLHTTPRequest

<I’m surrounded by people with hacking coughs, in fact there is barely a minute goes by without a cough or sniffle, says something about the sort of people here I guess>

when using AJAX think carefully about how to map URLs into the app

This is basically another 101 lesson on web2.0, he starts going into some actual details of unicode and states he is getting too ‘geeky’ now which gets a knowing laugh from the crowd, however if they think this is new then they aren’t knowing geeks, and certainly not alpha geeks 😉

He asks us to remember how WAP affected our lives and we get a big laugh – haha, he moves on to browser implementations and how dificult it is, at last he has a point XHTML mobile profile is the app to build against, he makes an amazing statement that not all data on a web page is suitable to be used on a mobile….

another comment on letting people feel they own all their data and are free to leave at any time, this encourages people to come and stay..

a quick stint on how Flickr lets the user own the data unlike some other sites which actually own the data when it is uploaded to their service

we are asked to check out blog.flickr.com for a person that has created a song using creative commons licensed pictures


http://iamcal.com/talks for the presentation

and that’s it


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