Future of Webapps > Ryan Carson > How to Build an Enterprise Web App on a Budget


figure to spend < $30,000 for a web2.0 startup app (in relation to most projects we do that is small!)

DropSend is there to solve the problem of sending large files – simple

make sure your idea is financially viable – be cautious – estimate and then cut by 45%

forget about acquisition – aim for profit

forget about the “is this another bubble>” stuff

Branding and UI Design: £5,000 (Ryan Shelton)

Development: £8,500 (Plum Digital Media)

Desktop Apps £2,750

XHTML/CSS: £1,600

Hardware: £500

Hosting/Maintenance: £800 per month (BitPusher)

Legal: £2,630

Accounting: £500

Linux Specialist: £500

Trademark: £250

Merchant Account: £200

Payment processor: £500

Total £25,680 all in for an operational company

Now on to build your team on a budget:

avoid the ‘RockStars’ as expensive and busy

offer a % of equity in the end product

next up scalabillity on a budget – i.e. buy just enough

Don’t waste money – like £1000 on stationary – dumb

Holy Crap – Lawyers are expensive !

Use cheap software like Basecamp, Trac (bugs), Skype & AIM, Subversion (version control) and LAMP

Use cheap hardware like a £200 linux box and if needs be plug it in to your office

Dont spend anything on marketing, use blogs, word of mouth, viral etc

Overall an interesting expose of how much it cost to get a business up and running that now has 950,000 users for less tham £30,000 – makes me wince when I think about the project budgets we have.




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