Future of Webapps > Steffen Meschkat > Greater Expectations – Reality-Checking the AJAX Web Application Architecture


an overview of how AJAX is a bad name etc etc again.

some differences between REST and SSSS apps and AJAX like whole page refresh versus updates

AJAX enables complex interactions and manipulations and fixes the architectural problems of client and server session states

AJAX – what’s really in it

  • CSS
    • layout, fonts colours
  • DOM
  • JavaScript
    • just two words:insert semicolon
    • single threaded, but nobody tells you so
  • XMLhttpRequest
  • Data Marshalling

it’s very hard to understand this guy as he is speaking very fast and has a relatively strong German accent, plus the slides have very little text, in fact I’ve never heard anyone talk so much about one slide with so few words!

cross browser compatibility

seperation of interaction logic and application logic

Due to his speed and accent and possibly to a degree his subject matter the last speaker of the day is losing the crowd..



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