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missed the first 15 mins as not allowed to bring my hot coffee into the hall….

money to be made from APIs – again not getting a new message here, less central development, syndicate platform.

the last point I agree with is that “we will see more paid for API services” – lots of knowing laughter again as we move onto how you have to be part of the ecosystem – he is trying to sell us a vision it turns out.

How do you add value to the aggregate web ..

can you find ways to help people explore data from multiple data sources, network effect etc etc

Now we move to architectural principles – I hope it’s not another 101 on data use, ref to Matt Biddulph application of web ? to data

we move to 9 or so principles, they are good ones and the basis for good design, i.e. get the data right not the pages, I assume he means get the schemas right and then apply a UI as this can change, the underlying strucure must be capable though

Identify first order bit, very true, need to think about what that is in Cycom (and the URL schema)

good URL must be a permanent forever reference, Tom has a fetish for URLs apparently – guffaw from behind me, do not expose the underlying structure but reflect the data structure so you can ‘hack’ navigation

Tom is a very good presenter and has the crowd in his grasp, he has good material too and throws in the odd quip, he has a lot of ‘fanboys’ in the crowd too which helps of course and every quip gets a laugh

have list views and batch interfaces, good for interacting with lots of data, Flickr Organizr on screen, there is a lot of nepotism here, it’s UKETech on a small scale

we have Flickr on screen as an excellent example of Ajax in use, elegant etc etc, we are on to Odeo, basically the darlings of Web2.0 are up for show and I have to agree, these a probably the two best on the web right now….

nice summary of APIs over microformats over Parallel XML and RSS etc

and then a one page summary of the principles and a quick ad for Yahoo developer page, the obligatory “all my pictures are from Flickr” ” my font is …..”

time for lunch





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