Google Talk enables chat History

I got to my laptop last night and a new screen had appeared that asked me if I wanted to save all my conversations in my Gmail account, this is cool I thought so I accepted it (mind you I always do of course) and I even screenshotted it but forgot to paste it and save it so missed that.

The actual functionality is very cool and I like it, you get a message/chat per user/per some period of time, if you close a chat and go back after 5 or so minutes it goes into the same file but if you leave it for a hour or so you get a new one which is not as cool as if you always had one per user per day!

They are all stored in a new folder in Gmail called ‘Chats’

chats folder

Once you open a file it’s a very clean (what else!) version of the exact chat you had, all in all very cool and a reason to try get more of my buddies to start using GTalk…


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