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Mobile Music Play – sort of

TechCrunch serves up another beauty and this time it's another example of we've been doing it for years but someone else has done it too, I'll reserve the 'and better' bit til I see whatever finally gets launched by us

The (in)famous Russion site AllOFMP3 has launched a desktop player allTunes (the focus of the TC article) but when I went to download it I see they have a mobile version for 'Smartphones' available with 'Music catalog is already included to distributive' which on another topic is an indea I had a long time ago but when I finally got round to patenting it I was told Nokia beat me to it by a matter of weeks, the Russian site has managed to keep trading for a long time, wonder if this new mobile client will get Nokia lawyers into action given that the list of Nokia phones is quite long……

allTunes Download page


Everything(!?) 2.0

Found this thread while chewing RSS (offline) and it;s a big list !!

Another Mobile Payments Entry Obopay

Techcrunch reports another entry to the market, opening soon but in this case relying on a Java client to get the job done, we all know how tricky this can be but hats off for coming up with some competition to PayPal Mobile so soon !

Now I wonder who else may have been able to do that……

Offline Living – email, visualisation

Maybe this will become some sort of series, who knows….

another thing that occurred to me while offline is how annoying it is getting an invite to an event with a distribution list/bcc that you can't see the details of and then a few mails later geting a forward of the same mail from someone or even forwarding yourself to someone you think should go but not knowing if they got the original, thereby annoying them too….

Wouldn't it be nice if people were able to confidently use collaborative tools so that if I tried to forward it would tell me that Joe B was already invited ?

added to that is mail in general in our company, cross domain invites don't always work , inbox allowance is rubbish, performance is terrible if working remotely (which I almost always am) and as if Outlook isn't a bad enough tool already we are using Office XP which is ancient, al least 2003 has better connectivity options, better UI etc, everyone else is on that version it seems except us, it sucks.

Some MIT guys have done some nice work on visualising mail and I'd love to be able to run it against the Exchange servers we have, I'm sure some very interesting results would emerge…. oh and just before I start 'working' how about some people in our company get forced to adopt some of the principals of GTD (getting things done)

The Mail Visualisation

Offline Living – URLs Bookmarks etc

As you know I harp on about offline experience etc etc and am in that situation now on the Eurostar reading RSS feeds offline in the now firm favourite OnFolio, lots of cool features but it occurred to me that it would be even better if I could bookmark urls in articles I read that would then be automatically uploaded to when I get back to connectivity rather than locally to the browser (yuck) or saving it in my reading list which means I have to go back when online and do the work again.
I did try the option in OnFolio to save to Live Favourites but they didn’t make it, just as I expected as there was no connection to push them through so now i have a bunch of links in the new Favourites centre in IE7 that I’ll have to load and then post to delicious…
This could also work for subscribing to new feeds linked in articles that would then auto upload to my online OPML resource?
Any good? Am I missing a way to already do this? has someone already done it and I just haven’t found it?

Microsoft Live

I’ve been using Microsoft Live services a lot lately to basically see how well they work, the process is troublesome at times due to feeds not being available which i guess is the ‘beta’ nature of the service showing itself.
My initial reaction is that I do like it/them but that the main problem is the speed of it, tends to be slow response even on a fast connection but to be fair it also works reasonably on a dialup GPRS connection as long as you aren’t doing too much.
I really like the search feature and the way you get categorised results (web/news//images/local/feeds) and the dynamic slider that allows you to expand or contract the amount of detail you see.
More to come later as I get through it, plus I just realised I’ve got to get moving for the Eurostar

Orange is In Jigsaw already

Techcrunch reports how really bad Jigsaw is so I thought I’d do a quick search on Orange, there we are with apparently 6 contacts already in the database, 8 in total, 1 VP-Level, 1 C-Level, I didn’t have the willpower to sign up for a trial account to get to see who they were….


Mobilecasting resource Page

Pretty light in terms of content but will hopefully be a quick ref guide in times of need….

courtesy of PodCastingNews it can be found here..

Sony > Google > Mobile Blogging

Found this article today and caught my interest, I’ve published an internal paper on Google and next steps but didn’t see this one coming, mainly as I was concentrating on a larger strategy but this is a good indicator too, the ability to launch handsets preloaded with everything required to blog on the move, integrated pictures too (making best use of a 3.2MP camera) is smart and helps get first timers get into the blogging scene easily.

Would love to see one of these handsets when they are available to be able to see how well they have done it…

Fast Follower > Poor Second?

I read this excellent article from Martin Geddes and I had to smile wryly and agree wholeheartedly as this is the accepted methadology around here too.

I also like the “integrate, participate or cultivate” part and am actually trying my best to adopt/push the participate part hard in the projects I take part in, at least where I can of course.