Etech : Ajax on Rails

First point he wants to push is that AJAX is the single most important thing on the Web
But JavaScripting and the DOM sucks – this gets a few laughs of course as it’s well known, similar to the dissing these techs got at the Carson Workshop
Sorry state of browsers, IE this, Firefox that, Safari another – crash boom bang
There is a browser underworld apparently – IE 5.5, Opera, Netscape 4.7 – they dont support AJAX! so what do you do if you want to support your app on these!?
some examples of:
  • bad are createNode
  • good is innerHTML
  • eval is a saint

The rest of the presentation will focus on how to deal with the above and make good code.

Rails started out knowing nothing about AJAX but they have fixed that now, it ships with prototype that is first line of defence against the bad & ugly and tries to fix the incompatabilities between browsers

His advice is that if you can – just forget about non compliant browsers – just don’t care about IE5.5 for example

also comes with which is a high level component that handles all the ‘fancy’ stuff like drag&drop, sliding etc

We switch to a demo, no precooked meals here, created from scratch, it’s not of rocket surgeons, anyone can do.

a run through how to build an app in Rails, excellent example can also be found here it’s a fast and furious session which flows fast and has the odd real error accompanied by a bit of swearing and laughing, too fast for me but good fun

check out seems a little similar to

During the sesison we used the new 37signals Campfire app which is an nice app for group chatting. Link here but not sure it will work after the event so just check 37 Signals mainsite

Quick move to Webservices, he doesnt like W3* and prefers REST as xml over HTTP as Ruby can figure this out

The rest of the session was more examples and coding,  during the session Mark found Turbo Gears too which according to some developers is a better solution, personally have not enough expertise to call it, what I can say is that I’m pretty sure I can write something in Ruby, question is what….



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