Etech : OReilly Radar

mechanical turk, check Amazon, interesting how explicitly humans are used in applications (submit a podcast and have a transcript written for you) and how implicitly they are used in applications like Digg or Flickr

Bionic Software – taking user empowerment to the next level

examples given of Boxxet which is a private invite only beta site that gets info about things that interest you

Intelligence Augmentation – not Artificial Intelligence

seems to be implying a symbiotic relationship, there will be a talk by George Dyson on it later

Instructables gives examples on how to make things

we move to some fun examples including a Second Life party

Now we have a demo up from Zimbra, he gets up on stage and thanks Ralf for a great conference (he means Rael)

calling a number in a mail message through Asterisk – seen this a lot at Etel, nice integration and it all worked which is rare


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