Etech : The Internet of Things

Cory Doctorow does an intro and is wearing a ‘utili-kilt’ , god I hate the fact that the traditional Scots Kilt is made into a Geek Joke like this.

He expounds the wonder of Bruce Sterling who is actually giving the speech, more looking forward to Bruce.

The internet of things will take about 30 years to come into effect as this is how long barcodes took to get into mainstream life

AI was an example of the language getting frozen too early, i.e. before we figure out what the technology really does

Lots of describing of how language has restricted development (I think)  of tech, if we got the language right, and therefore the direction, we would have had Google in 1980

Geo-locative engines, where you are and where things are

Spime is his term for a new object that has (see ref link)

Google for where I left my shoes in the morning and dont worry about having to remember, like we do with digital info now but for real life when RFID, location etc come together

trackable, sortable, rankable and findable in space

Adam Greenfield has published a book which is a made up term – Everyware – better than Ubicomp. Bruce doesn’t like the term though and proceeds to explain how

He now goes on to Tim ORielly definition of Web2.0 and seems like he is going to rip it down but does not in the end

The Laws of Cool written by Alan Liu does not believe in Web2.0, historical is one reason, also that people that make a big deal of Web2.0 are ignoring the generational gap in what it happening in society and technology

Thinglink (no mention on Wikipedia) – how to get information on a thing on the web

On to the Way of Things as sent to me by Imran – it’s a manifesto on Blogjects

very intersting talk and really not the sort of thing to blog, but more to listen and ingest

End of day 1



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  1. Nick on

    His book on this is required reading (and nice and slim), you can borrow it when you’re next in London if you fancy.

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