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Michael Gough – The adobe experience model

the presenter is from the Macromedia side of the conjoined company

useful usable desirable – the three natural stages of product design

how to make a desirable app?

  • we are all in the fashion biz now
  • case in point devices / phones
  • applications are next

rias ajax vista

  • the emerging context – revolution?
  • different deplyment model
  • design/develop workflow changes

this guy is from the fashion industry where the fear of being behind is huge , now transfer that to the application development world where cycles are traditionally toooo long and this is the fear he is addressing


not ours anymore but the customers


  • monolithic > purpose built / disposable apps
  • multi-platform / multi device
  • recombinant / cooperative / mash-ups
  • essential

buy Photoshop to fix red-eye – too much of course but simple fixes are now ‘in the cloud’ and this is the change we are seeing.

Their apps used to be essential within corps (design etc) but are now essential to users


  • context is preserved / seamless
  • motion has meaning
  • brand belongs to the customer
  • focus on the task at hand

wouldn’t put up with refresh in a desktop app and will progressively not put up with it in web apps

Experience principle 2 – Focus & Emphasis

Experience principle 3 – content/control seperation

We see some movie demos of these priciples but the presenter admitted that they thought they could put a few of these up and let ‘us’ go and create but since they didn’t understand themselves then no wonder that we didn’t either

some more Flex examples, they create the apps to fix the things that drive them mad, they have collaborated with many large corps like Y! etc

Online banking finance app manager which is very good

another which is a store app for mobile phones, you can slide price range etc, expect to see a lot of this over the course of the year

He loads an app called ‘France Telecom’ but it didn’t work at all – how apt – will ask him about it

A home digital assett viewer, lot’s of good effects, it’s like a dynamic and ‘flash – excuse the pun’ of Windows Media Centre but it is very slick and quite probably the New Sony Hone Entertainment centre if you ask me.

New Classes of digital experiences that are hitting the market place, they have some tools to help make them – the new thought from Adobe is not to throw tools over the wall but to take responsibility for them now and make them easier to build


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