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Data vs. Design: The Future of UI in a Web 2.0 World
Scott Berkun
web2.0 mashup matrix – doesnt show desires, only shows data
rips on tags cloud, what does it mean, can we use it ? – chicago crime map mashup, cool once but satisfies no need
perception – lowest level operators – how eyes see something and how it gets parced
cognition – what does this image equate to (lion running towards you)
desire – now i know i percieve the world, what is my intention (decide to run away)
mechanic – perform the action (actually run away)
we see old style vending (buttons are pictures of product) against the new ones with the codes and buttons – so you have to use memory which is more expensive than computer memory
we run through Fitts law and how things can be made easier to read (power will go soon)
he applies some of the ideals to the delicious site, wrong colours and not aligning fields


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