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eVokeTV and the New Attention Economics of Television Salman Farmanfarmaian
demo launched last week, encouraged to try it out, not here to talk about what the site specifically does
4 hrs TV in 1950 and now up to 8 hrs today – who watches this much !
Critical Questions
  1. How will it be delivered
    1. iTunes
    2. google Video
    3. podcasts
  2. how will you find that content
    1. search
    2. community
    3. need a semi
  3. who will pay for it
    1. The Ad conundrum
    2. channel flipping
    3. Tivo
    4. Bit Torrent etc

Interesting to point out that more of us are surfing while we watch TV (and also points out the theme of the conference and how we are all on laptops while he speaks) doesn’t see it as  a problem though as he sees that this is how we are now.

Tagline is to help TV viewers with similar interests connect to each other online – outlines the way that the chatroom in the Ajax Campfire session was open and people were chatting about the session we were all sat in

  1. recreate a shared TV viewing experience
  2. connect TV preferences to users existing online activities
  3. help discover relevant onlne content / media

set TV prefs, get custom RSS feeds

We finish with a Google map to point out they want to do to TV viewing what Google did for maps – help TV viewers sith similar interests connect to each other

The question is raised as to whether they will sell our TV viewing data, he kind of avoided the question which was read as that they will




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