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First You Google, But Then What?  –Hans-Peter Brondmo

First you Google but then what? is the tag

I had lunch with him yesterday as we have some interest with them and their product

He runs through a live demo of how Plum:

  • collects (almost) anything from anywhere
  • share your way
  • connect and discover

Browser button to ‘post to plum’ very few clicks, all the usual is here, groups, sharing to who, clipboard, let others contribute to your collection, iTunes integration, as he says all you would expect but it is done nicely and is pretty slick

He announces an open set of APIs today and tells how the team has had 12 hours to add in a new feature which is to enable contact collection – sadly it failed

However the mashup of putting Y! maps into a regular Blogger blog to show location

We finish with a call to arms “Embrace & Extend” after showing some pretty polished code that does a job, the question remains if that job really needs doing, to me it seems not but I am also sure that to many ‘mass market’ types it may or will even, look for the beta opening up in a few weeks

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