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Humanizing the Enterprise Using Ambient Social Knowledge  –Lee Bryant

I met this guy the other day, interested to see what he has to say, from a company called HeadsShift – consultancy in social software

  1. Enterprise software is dying
  2. Information/attention overloaded
    1. management by email – derived from the memo
    2. pavlovs dog
    3. information overload is worse than smoking dope
    4. who controls your inbox
    5. too much push , to little pull
    6. signal to noise ratio too high
    7. fallacy of codification & storage – store millions of docs but have little idea which are important, cant find what you need
  3. new social tolls and behav
    1. the emergence of social software
    2. simple actions repeated at scale within a social network produce emergent network effects
    3. easy interfaces and a low ‘cognitive footprint’ reduce barriers to participation
    4. operate locally, aggregate globally
    5. delicious displayed on screen, company account/team account?
    6. new behaviours are tough to get into enterprise
  4. how do we make decisions
    1. only autistic people work in the way econimists say we work
    2. peripheral vision & intuition
    3. really good at sucking data from thinly sliced data
    4. R&D is forward facing and therefore not served by enterprise storage or classification
    5. most comes from passionate users who go outside the firewall
  5. the answer to inf overload
    1. more info but consumed differently – look for patterns peripherally not analyse every mail
    2. better radar, use social tools, more peripheral, less on storage, less email, classification = calcification
    3. a new relationship with people

Known drill for us, heavy expensive IT installs in Enterprise are too expensive to throw away

Selling fear: consultants sell fear and process workflow and security are excuses to keep software vendors in business

this is all the things that we are frustrated about in our corporation so update later

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