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Ning: A Springboard for Social Software?
Yoz Grahame (
David Sklar (
Ning:free:easy app creation:all hosted etc, we know ning already, question is how it is ‘instant Social Software’ ?
quick run through of the website
global tagging across apps
your own URL is a premium app
you can generate javascript on the Ning site and put on your blog
ruby support coming soon, currently written in PHP
demo given of editing the PHP for show.php and you can paste in any PHP code to modify it, cut and paste
so far it’s a product run/demo – nothing to answer the question above so far
Ning saves edits as you go so you can back out
The announcement from this weekend is that they have released a public API to allow access to any public info in the Ning platform
they have built their own app on this, data shared internally on it
it’s on a CC non derivative license
started simple, no coding required, now they have added the ability to dive in and code if you can, kind of like how you can on Blogger if you want to edit the default template


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