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reBlog: Attention Multiplexer for Semi-Structured Content –  
Michal Migurski , Michael Frumin
Reblog – GPL – open source – not a service but software
would you let others make money from your content just for giving attention
each post has a ‘via’ link – read posts in RSS feeds, select posts and collect them into a blog of your own that gets published, like linking to posts but this time with the full post?
as they are non-profit so copyright not an issue they claim
ben founder of Moveable Type, the process of reblogging was a richer experience than actually writing posts
wordpress and MT plugins to create your blog
issues raised in the project
  1. Attribution
    1. feedback mostly positive as it drives attention to the owners site
    2. they have xml namespace to show clearly where it came from
  2. Curation
    1. spam blogging is non human
    2. reblog is as it treats the publisher as the curator of the data
  3. Copyright
    1. license terms through CC, attribution & sharealike
    2. garden voices raised problems – they are selling ads on the reblog, they got a lawyer to contact all the individual sites to get permission, almost all agreed to it, most ended up agreeing to it for free
  4. Value
    1. getting more attention to your individual sites
    2. as more money gets invloved it may test the current paradigm



  1. High-Volume Reading
    1. Mike (Stamen) uses it himself to reed RSS so it is tuned to be fast
    2. one of the few that is for power users rather than people just adopting
  2. Integration
    1. wordpress & MT live in the server space, they have made it trigger a push model for publishing to services with MetaWeblogAPI etc
  3. Standards
    1. reblog ideal for using microformat standard, the hope is to handle all types of standards like encloures so that you can easily write plugins to filter out an author or a post type
  4. Mixed Content
    1. gave an example of rebay so you could curate items for sale their?


i like the idea, spin on diff types of bloggers, this sort of thing would suit me i think, attention or time deficient way of getting good data into a blog

interesting point though is that you may want to put your spin on a link, your editorial, no reason why you can’t do both

do they throw up a hosted reblog service, but you have to make a commitment, and its a GPL product, they recently added the ability to use the MT or wordpress installation to manage users and authentication

looking to integrate into ?? give it a try he asks



delicious migurski

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