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Remixing the Web with the Windows Live™Platform
 –Paul Steckler & Kris Barton
The crowd is mostly tech/dev – tonight a focus group on direction for
MSN should be thought of a media company, like a newspaper
Live is more about software and is for the user that knows what he wants and needs to find it easily
Quick go over the search features, find and add to live, added today the [more] which brings up more data, you can blog is straight to MSN Spaces (where are the rest?)
On to gadgets which allow you to mash up, one shown is a feed from Torino medal count with pictures from elsewhere
web media player lite which integrates to local WMP playlists, shame I use iTunes
you can now add pages and have as many as you like, drag across etc
live image search (a la Google search)
We move to programming tips – it’s based on the Atlas framework/runtime, it modernizes Javascript by enabling different patterns to be dynamically attached to the system
RSS feeds – of all the feeds subbed to on 90% only have 10 or less subscribers, auto discovery on live coming soon
Enclosures and Autodiscovery if used right in your feed will work with
Gadgets – mini apps or mashups, consume XML – contain manifest, CSS and Javascript files
Get started on and browse code and post
A plea for the web community for great content and the statement that gadgets will live beyond, integrated into Vista sidebar/toolbar – drag&drop etc
(you can specify different CSS for different environments like desktop or web)
We move on to Paul Steckler – PM Desktop Search
  • product roadmap
  • new file types
  • new stores
  • resources
One search technology is the same thing on all products, shared tech across Windows, Vista, Office, Sharepoint etc
Common search APIs
Core Engine
  • Scalable
    • 10+ million items
    • concurrent queries
    • always available index
  • Notification

We move to the problem of all data is not in the cloud, sensitive data can’t always be in the cloud, music is local

a screen shot of a neat desktop search on Vista

We move on to Brady Forrest – PM MSN Search

You can easily add different vertical searches on one search query, neat, we go to the usual drug query that has raised differing views, you can then filter by view and get a different set of results.

all macros tied to a passport

showed a nice two pane query window so you can compare the effects of search macro queries, then how to easily create that as a macro, you can copy others macros, edit and save as your own, we can’t do this now but it will be released soon

coming soon – version control, more operators, more scopes (feeds, images) – add to firefox, add to IE7

You can access others macros by name syntax ‘macro:health flu’ for example





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