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Christopher Payne & Frederick Savoye

Build your own search query (a la A9) using gadgets which are a set of macros which can be easily dragged/added to the Live beta site.

They want to move search from a black box model to a read/write to allow developers to make their own search queries, ability to create your own macros to come soon

They also announce the Live Toolbar, too much to cover but standouts are Anti-Phishing and rollable favourites – they also announce the purchase of OnFolio which adds RSS aggregator to the browser, looks slick, you can drag a feed to the bar and it is added and seems to have a mobile aspect, Ian points out it kills Plum’s USP

We move to the birds eye stuff on Live Local, new last week is screen side, they are sending cars around San Diego and SF so you can have a 360 view as if driving a car around the city, includes a small car driving around the satellite map

I have installed the Live Toolbar since geting home to a connection but will reserve judgement for a time, especially as on my work laptop it keeps making IE want to dump a file evertime I exit..



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