Etech > Shut Up!, No, *You* Shut Up

Clay Shirky

Introduced as being able to turn a phrase on a dime..

  1. Freedom’s just another word
  2. Slashdot Reloaded
  3. Buffy the V.S. has a pose
  4. Hobbes and Rousseau’s Excellent adventure

Pattern strategies for moderation are required

He maps on screen a graph with Freedom along the bottom and anooyingness on the vertical, there is a big jump up in annoyingness as freedom increases (spam, trackback etc)

Provides slashdot example of comment spam (negative social effects) and they have managed to do it really well

The Gestalt of Slashdot – Members defend readers from writers

The voting system takes care of this, -1 comments dont get displayed to readers

Despite the success of /. code it hasn’t been used by anyone else even though available


  1. move comments to s seperate page
  2. trust readersand writers diff
  3. let users rate posts
  4. defensive defaults

Who will guard the guardians

  1. Treat users and member differently
  2. measures good behaviour
  3. enlist commited members
  4. judges can’t post

He requests this crowd to take a look at a pattern language for moderation (and fears the /. effect)

Goes on to expound a sad tale of woe about an event around blogrollers and a time when Dave Winer turned on moderation which leads to the Hobbes vs Rousseau argument

Pictures of the two historical figures having a BB board argument, “You shut up” – “No YOU shut up” etc

A funny skit that highlights the central theme, we need to get these tools in place and learn from all experiments and techniques in moderation so that as more tools are created that allow user expression we protect ourselves from bad and non-productive input

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