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The network is down so the demo is off for now.
user carries on doing what they were doing anyway and the app bubbles up what they are doing in metadata terms (like
ideal way would be to track everyone on their phones but they couldn’t do that
new way to extend existing medium of doing the community and social intereactions
review systems usually only get 1 star or five, the Y! system is collecting what they actually do with their feet
we get to the demo finally when the network comes up.
Your plans, friends plans and everyone plans – its a group invitation planning tool so far
people suggest or agree, comments are filtered, mapped to Y! maps, you can view a event to see how popular – they’ve been asked for male/female ration stats for events/places
you can have fuzzy plans or firm plans (change fuzzy to vague perhaps)
for future plans you get a reminder of when you said you would do it, as a kind of reminder
eaisily view contacts and what they are doing
live search through contacts
email integration with Gmail, plan to get it to mobile but not yet
mail to with tags like when: and where: and they squirt directly into the system – neat enough

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