Etech > The Real Nature of the Emerging Attention Economy

Michael H. Goldhaber

Has been working on a book for a long time on Attention Economy but feels he was way too early as not enough people were thinking about it.

This conf has two feet in different paradigms , one in the new attention economy and one in the old economy – all of us are not sure who we are, we’re like butterflies that think we are still caterpillars!

We are still eating the green stuff but maybe we are ready to sip the nectar….

A New Level in the MMORPG known as Western Culture

Economy is most generally

is massively multiplayer and is a SINGLE LEVEL game

Economic History is Multi Level Game

First Level is FUEDAL 800-1200

2nd level Market Money Industrial 1650- 1980 (the big gap is a transition period – this time round we wont have to wait too long)

3rd and coming level is the Attention Economy

We go through a detailed breakdown to support this theory along the lines of Goals, Success criteria etc too much and too fast to blog here..

key points on attention :

  • It is scarce and always will be
  • it is very desirable
  • there are limits to what each person can have

Is attention about time or money, the short answer is : No

Who owns your attention : You do until someone takes it from you, attention is kind of like property and how that is owned.

The speech kind of ends suddenly with a request to come to a workshop later today

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