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When Do We Get the Events We WantBrian Dear

We start with a Thanks to Rael and Tim!

It’s a product announcement for EVDB = inspired by IMDB, CDDB etc and stands for Events and Venues Database

Mission – maximise event discovery

build a wide range of tools and make the data as open and portable as possible

They decided to build a platform (evdb) and portal (eventful) – eminectly “mashable”

three dimensions of eventful

  1. ‘known events’ – search, cal, RSS, tags etc (iTunes import creates calendar against your music – nice)
  2. ‘expected events’ – prospective search, notifications / alerts
  3. ‘dream events’ – events you ‘wish’ would happen, demand aggregation

Eventful demand

  • It is not just a ‘wish list’
  • Fulfillment – not like Amazon wish list as event may not happen
  • Not to sell the data
  • Of, by, and for the fans – Of, by, and for the performers.  Period

Demo time – let’s hope his network is working!

Ha he didn’t have the network plugged in and Safari tells him so, we sit and wait, it’s clear he is not a Mac Geek

the demo is slow (network) and wasn’t really needed for this crowd, check it out yourself and get the idea

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