Offline Living – email, visualisation

Maybe this will become some sort of series, who knows….

another thing that occurred to me while offline is how annoying it is getting an invite to an event with a distribution list/bcc that you can't see the details of and then a few mails later geting a forward of the same mail from someone or even forwarding yourself to someone you think should go but not knowing if they got the original, thereby annoying them too….

Wouldn't it be nice if people were able to confidently use collaborative tools so that if I tried to forward it would tell me that Joe B was already invited ?

added to that is mail in general in our company, cross domain invites don't always work , inbox allowance is rubbish, performance is terrible if working remotely (which I almost always am) and as if Outlook isn't a bad enough tool already we are using Office XP which is ancient, al least 2003 has better connectivity options, better UI etc, everyone else is on that version it seems except us, it sucks.

Some MIT guys have done some nice work on visualising mail and I'd love to be able to run it against the Exchange servers we have, I'm sure some very interesting results would emerge…. oh and just before I start 'working' how about some people in our company get forced to adopt some of the principals of GTD (getting things done)

The Mail Visualisation


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