Offline Living – URLs Bookmarks etc

As you know I harp on about offline experience etc etc and am in that situation now on the Eurostar reading RSS feeds offline in the now firm favourite OnFolio, lots of cool features but it occurred to me that it would be even better if I could bookmark urls in articles I read that would then be automatically uploaded to when I get back to connectivity rather than locally to the browser (yuck) or saving it in my reading list which means I have to go back when online and do the work again.
I did try the option in OnFolio to save to Live Favourites but they didn’t make it, just as I expected as there was no connection to push them through so now i have a bunch of links in the new Favourites centre in IE7 that I’ll have to load and then post to delicious…
This could also work for subscribing to new feeds linked in articles that would then auto upload to my online OPML resource?
Any good? Am I missing a way to already do this? has someone already done it and I just haven’t found it?


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