Google Calendar Launches and it’s good !

As usual I like the look and feel but I especially like the quick add feature, for example type in “flight home today 6pm” and there it is, compare that with Outlook !

Shared calendars may be very helpful if I can get my wife to sign up, she’s resisted all Google products to date except search.

Events could be useful for of some sort, may try that one out for upcoming trip, although there are several solutions in this space already

The navigation at the top left is small but intuitive and easy to use unless you are using full screen browser and then the tiniest slip brings down the menu bar and covers it up!

However there is the obvious issue that I live off my Outlook calendar and I’m not sure I have the will or bandwidth to do another, and since I can’t move Outlook to Google I can see what will happen here.

Google Calendar

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