Mobile P2P apps

Found this Beta site this morning through it's 'parent app' PeerMind which gives rankings of what's most popular on the current P2P networks such as Gnutella and EDonkey 2000 and soon to include BitTorrent, as stated by TechCrunch's Michael Arrington, this will make it very useful indeed, what caught my eye was the mobile app of course.

I first saw mobile P2P apps a while back with a story out of Bali of all places, since then we've had Symella of course and this new app shares a strong theme with that in that it only runs on certain Symbian phones for now with the usual claim of more handsets coming soon !

You see it every time and we are guilty of it too, it makes sense to develop on Symbian, it's a good OS, it's open etc etc but it represents a very small % of our handset base or so I'm told, it's a chicken and egg, catch 22 etc

The PeerBox site looks polished enough, if I had a Symbian phone on me I would give it a try but then I don't have to worry (too) much about data charges, and this is the key for these apps, although I have always maintained that if a user has a bundle that they are already paying for and is not using it to the full potential then having an app that trickles it away for you and in return gives fresh content periodically can't be a bad thing, it may even prompt a user to buy a bigger bundle if the content they get is of use to them…

Quick edit, I actually read a little more and an interesting tidbit is that they claim to have an audio fingerprinting solution that will recognise copyright material and either offer it for sale or block it entirely, thereby making PeerBox a 'clean' P2P network, can't find if they are using someone else's tech for this part or have developed their own

PeerBox Homepage


4 comments so far

  1. josh on

    mobile p2p would be great

  2. Nilesh on

    informative……. i use both symella n peerbox but as per me peerbox is better but has weak searching force as compair to symella. If you know more applications for symbian s60 then pls let me know. I use Nok N70.

  3. […] due to high bandwidth, efficient mobile phones and simultaneous voice and data capability … Mobile P2P apps � Tech Evolution In A Wirefree World19 Apr 2006 … I first saw mobile P2P apps a while back with a story out of Bali of all places, […]

  4. Jayapal Chandran on

    can anyone give a list or links about p2p for windows mobile

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