MobileCrunch » Make Your Camera Phone a Scanner, Fax or Copier with ScanR

MobileCrunch » Make Your Camera Phone a Scanner, Fax or Copier with ScanR

This has been something worth waiting for perhaps, I took a quick picture of some notes I made last night and sent them in to the service to see what the results I got back were like. The activation link was swift to arrive and the sign up pretty painless as you would expect in todays webworld.

After the simple sign up I get some handy tips 😉


  • Be sure your camera phone is set to its highest quality and resolution.
  • For documents, get as close as you can without cutting off any of the important areas. Most camera phones have a minimum focus distance of 8" to 12" from the document, so don't get too close.
  • Turn your camera phone so that the long side of the document is aligned with long side of your camera screen. If you aren't sure, try both directions to see which works better.

I like the idea a lot but it really will depend on the quality of the returned results of course.

The scan turned up by email very fast, in under two minutes and I would post it here but for the fact that Gmail refuses to let me download it….saying that it has been complaining all morning about browser cache so I guess I really do need to do what it tells me which is close all apps , open internet tools blah blah blah….

I can see this ScanR app being very useful to me in the near future

Update, I still couldn't get Gmail to give me my attachment so I did a screenshot in the end !

ScanR results

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