New idea > Notepad laptop ?

I’ve been thinking this over for a while now and have done a brief bit of research, i.e. I Googled it and haven’t found anything yet, I did remember once reading about an initiative where you could do something similar but let’s see.

The problem I want to address is that you are at a meeting, or on a train or plane or basically anywhere you might not have power to keep a laptop running or even want to, then you have an idea and you want to scribble it down, most, in fact all I guess just grab a piece of paper and a pen(cil) and jot it down. I don’t tend to carry these with me at all, I don’t do notepads(books) whatever so I often forget it by the time I get somewhere to power up the laptop or even be bothered to power it up and wait ages for it to get to a point where I can usefully enter the info.

The answer, I’m wondering, is to have a tablet style PC, or an normal one with a reasonable size screen/pad on the outside, without powering up the machine at all you could simply write on the screen/pad or draw a little picture, doodle etc and it would be stored on the machine automatically, so when you boot it up next the notes you have taken would be stored, possibly in Outlook notes, or in a small app that does OCR and allows you to re-use and publish them to other things? The excellent Microsoft OneNote would probably be a good bet too.

I’m reminded of the Scribble app for actually taking the notes as they worked all that out, compression, new paper etc, the problem is the hardware and power and the integration I guess, anyone knows of such a machine already please let me know !

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  1. Peter on

    Your idea has one flaw, the machine is not on so it cannot take this new information into its system. You might want to refine your idea by having a power down type of thing that does not turn it off, but just puts it in waiting. Otherwise, your idea seems pretty bad.

  2. Ian on

    The whole point is that this display and input works when the laptop is off, if it was on then you may as well use the normal HCI model for the laptop 🙂

  3. Stephen Coyle on

    I can do this

  4. Liz Rice on

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