Work Mail Stats

I've adopted a new method for mail during which I realised I could do some quick and dirty analysis of it, the results are skewed due to the fact I delete a lot of mail but I do tend to keep anything relevant so not too worried about that. I have changed jobs several at least once every year of these stats too which may explain the odd trends but ultimately I think something got screwed somewhere but it does stack up with me sending a lot more mail as a strategic advisor than ever and getting even less response. That's how I felt during the year but nice to see stats back it up !

Year sent recieved
2002 1174 1515
2003 1334 1991
2004 2662 3700
2005 4727 2440
2006 1367 4827 

Update, I got some of the stats wrong as I hadn't moved some mail correctly and there were some duplicates around, damn mess.

Year sent recieved
2002 1174 1750
2003 1334 2207
2004 2662 4208
2005 4727 4713
2006 1367 1544


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