Office 2007

I’ve been using this for a few days now, mostly Outlook, Word and some powerpoint, not had a chance to use the rest or the OneNote software Beta I also took. The biggest thing for me, aside from the new look and feel which I actually like, is that they finally got around to adding TIMEZONES to appontments, something I used a lot in Notes years ago and have sorely missed since! So now I can set meetings in another zone without having to skew them for the time difference, of course I haven’t had a chance to test it properly by going to another timezone and changing the global time but will check that soon enough I’m sure.

I also get RSS feeds in Outlook which I’m not convinced by yet, however some more testing of whether it’s any good offline is still required, it does also show in Webmail interface too so it’s an online reader but to be honest it’s not up to Bloglines et al but could be a useful addition for certain feeds, it imported the one’s I’m using in IE 7 ok and has the option for OPML import, however I don’t think I want all my feeds in this interface.

Overall I like it, a lot of that might be to do with the fact it finally gets me away from Office XP and it’s archaic interface and connectivity, maybe in a few more years our systems will update but it will probably only happen when Office XP reaches end of life…


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