Executive Briefing : Asymetric Competition

Asymmetric Competition: A Conversation with Jim Buckmaster, CEO of CraigsList
Jim Buckmaster, President, CEO, and Programmer, craigslist

CraigsList is the 7th most trafficked site on the internet, with only 19 employees, because the users do most of the work themselves. Built on top of open source, and using open source principles to build its data and services, CraigsList is reshaping the marketplace of classified advertising. But because advertising on CraigsList is mostly free, it’s not taking the revenue from competitors, just changing all the rules by which those competitors do business. This is a classic example of asymmetric competition. Sites like CraigsList that are built via user self-service and an architecture of participation provide a huge challenge to existing business models, and a huge opportunity to reshape the economic landscape of their industries
Due to the speed of the conversation i just picked out some key points that were raised:

People are now organising their whole life online in Craigslist, they meet friends, find wives, boyfrineds, girlfriends etc

The amount of data they have now is getting a problem, weblogs takes days to delete due to their size and they have been kicked out of several colos because they were consuming too much power!

Approached by academics to analyse their data to get information from such as socail dynamics etc but they have to be careful about the personal data in their records as it is not anonymised
User moderated to remove bad ads, one reports and if enough agree it gets taken down, far too much traffic for them to afford a moderation team
Tim wanted to get them up on stage as they have done something historic as they have built a web business using the same principles as the software they use is based on.

An interesting chat but nothing overly new here again.

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